How to Have Your Yellow Letter Mailings “Done For You”

Marketing, marketing, marketing. You’ve heard it all before, you’re not in the real estate business, you’re in the marketing business. To be successful, you need to generate lots of motivated seller leads. One of the best ways to do this is through direct mail, and one of the best ways to get the phone to ring is by sending out a simple yellow letter.

What is a yellow letter? It’s a handwritten message on yellow lined paper that simply says you’re interested in buying the recipients house. Very basic, but it works like a charm.

There are many ways to create yellow letters, you can write them yourself, you can use the ‘photo copier method’, or you can have someone else do them for you. In this video, I talk about, which is one of the best yellow letter services out there. I ordered a sample letter/envelope and show you what it’s like.

So, how do you create your yellow letters?

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  1. Dan
    3 years ago

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been looking for a website for yellow letters, thank-you very much!

    I have been seeing a lot of vacant properties in my area. Some just have overgrown lawn & shrubs, others are boarded-up. I go to the tax assessors website and find out the owners name but sometimes the tax payer’s address is the same as the property address but it is obvious that no one is living there. Do I just go ahead and send the yellow letter to the tax payer’s listed address? Or is there a way to find out their alternate address?


    • Mike Sumsky
      3 years ago

      Hi Dan,

      If the house is vacant, the owner may have filled a change of address form out which means the mail will be forwarded to them after they moved. You must use a first class stamp to get the forwarding and you should write ‘address service requested’ on the envelope so the post office will notify you of the new address if it’s forwarded. If you still can’t reach the seller, you can start by searching the owners name and city online to see if their phone number is listed. Sites such as or You can also go to sites such as and for just a couple bucks you can get a report which will show phone numbers and nearest relatives etc. You might not be able to contact the owner with a letter, but it’s possible that you might find the owner’s brother lives in the area and you can try contacting him. Another way to go is to put a note on the door, so if they return to check on the house they may see your note. While you do that, knock on some of the neighbors doors and ask if they know anything about the house and the whereabouts of the owner. Hope that helps, good luck!

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