Postlets Ads on Steroids! [How to Soup Up Your Online Ads]

Postlets is an excellent website for creating eye catching and attractive online flyers for advertising your properties. The only problem, in my opinion, is that you’re limited by their basic templates, with no way to really get creative. Fear not, because I have a great solution for you, even if you’re not really tech savvy. You can create a basic Postlets ad, then copy and paste the code into an html editor like Kompozer. Then, you have an opportunity to really soup them up, even add clickable video links, alternate headlines and fonts and additional information. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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  1. Jason Shorb
    4 years ago

    Do you have a more recent article about postlets ad?
    I downloaded Komposer for windows but it doesn’t work the same as
    whats on your video. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I liked
    your video on you tube but it just doesn’t seem to work for windows

    • Mike Sumsky
      4 years ago

      Hi Jason, there have been a lot of changes with postlets and craigslist since I created that video. Unfortunately, craigslist has removed the ability to add certain html tags to posts. This effectively kills the ability to use html templates like Postlets or even adding images directly to the body of the post.

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