Using Jot Form to Build A Simple Opt In Form (And Build Your Buyers List)

As a wholesaler, the two things that will determine your success are 1) your ability to find great deals, and 2) the quality of your buyers list. You should always be building your buyers list, and it’s best to set it on autopilot by creating an opt-in form on your website. There are a ton of great resources for doing this, such as aWeber, iContact, GetResponse and others (cost is minimal), but if you’re looking for a simple, free option, Jot Form is great. In this video I show you how to create a Jot Form to add to your website…or….you can use their hosted form even if you’d don’t have a website of your own.

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  1. Russlyn
    5 years ago

    That’s great! You find some great deals and it doesn’t get better than FREE.

  2. Joseph
    1 year ago

    You can also use the mailchimp API integration w/ Jotlist to have the form automatically fill into your “new property” list. If you into your mailchimp account and click on your account in the top right corner, go down to profile and select the “extras” tab and get your API key. You can also go to “integrations” and click learn more. When given a search bar, type in jotform and you can integrate that way.

    Very nice feature to avoid double data entry. Time = money.

    Great advice as always Mike!

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